P3 / Carlingford / NSW
We introduce to you: the P3!
Robust, spacious, modern square design with attention to detail. Popp is the market leader if you are looking for the highest quality product available.
Klasik Clear / Bellevue Hill / NSW

Great looking Klasik Clear installed at Bellevue Hill / NSW. Custom made telescopic pool enclosure to suit customer needs.

Klasik / Newport / NSW
Casablanca Infinity / North Arm cove / NSW
Low profile pool enclosure.
Do you like the idea of a swimming pool enclosure and all its benefits but you are not so keen on a high structure? Then what you need is a low height pool enclosure. Thanks to the side sliding door you can comfortably enter your pool while the enclosure is fully closed. We use lockable sliding doors (no need to lift anything up or do any other difficult operation)
Dallas clear / Strathfield / NSW