A sensitive design that will catch the attention of your friends. It will fit perfectly into any environment and look natural. Your swimming pool will become a welcome place of relaxation for the greater part of the year.

Standard production (Albixon)

Enclosures produced to cover the most common types of swimming pools and spas. They are delivered disassembled in boxes, at any given time we have at least 500 enclosures on the stock. Their benefits include an unsurpassable price/quality ratio, fast shipment, easy handling and low transportation costs. 

Custom made (Albixon)

We approach custom-made enclosures individually. 

Standard production (Albixon)

Width "B"        300 to 600cm

Height "V"       60 to 230cm

Lenght "E"      unlimited

Custom made production

(Albixon & Popp)