The sliding arc pool enclosure is made of several movable parts. The parts slide along the running rail, usually in the direction of the longer side of the pool. It is possible to defer the whole structure outside the pool or over the back of the pool. If the pool is covered, roofing parts overlap and umbrella the whole area including the pool ladder or steps into the pool.

We provide comprehensive services in the field of pool roofing. We provide assessment and propose optimal solutions. We arrange production, transportation, and installation of pool enclosures.

For production, we use quality and proven materials that guarantee a long service life and functionality of the final product – the structure of the roof is made of special aluminum alloy and the sheathing is made of walled or clear polycarbonate with UV filter.



Just imagine: summer begins outdoors, the sun is shining, but every now and then it gets covered by the clouds and your relaxation by the pool is disrupted by a gust of wind. Do you feel that you can not enjoy your pool? Wrong - if you have a pool enclosure then you can. Swimwear for yourself, bathrobe and towel in hand, your pool is under a roof. There is also a deck chair; the water is beautifully warm as the roofing multiplies the power of the sun while avoiding the wind. Nothing stands between you and a well-deserved rest after a hard days work.

Use the pool enclosure. There is nothing easier and more efficient. It brings you an extended swimming season and decreases the cost of your pool's maintenance whilst ensuring the safety of your children.